Keep the champagne flowing!

We probably don't need to tell you that journalism is in a pretty sorry state, financially. Newspapers left and right have decimated staff, in the Netherlands as well as abroad, and replaced their writers with underpaid freelancers while raking in multi-million profits. So, now that we can no longer count on them, we're counting on you!

Why do we need your money? Well, sometimes we need to travel to get a story. Or we need to pay lawyers to defend against the crooks. Internet bills. Phone bills. Drinks with sources. You know, stuff like that. And then occasionally we'll buy that bottle of champagne to celebrate one or the other victory.

So, if you'd like - and we know you do - to be part of that great family of Correspondent At Large aficionados, hit one of the payment options below and send us some cash. Many thanks! Coming soon!