About Correspondent At Large

This site is the latest project by veteran Dutch journalist Okke Ornstein, who recently returned to Amsterdam after a 16 year stint in Panama. In that Central American country he ran a popular blog called Bananama Republic, which was in turn a successor to the Noriegaville News.

His writings, together with other journalistic endeavors such as radio documentaries, TV work and written pieces, led to, among other things, questions in parliament, crooks being locked up or extradited, scams and frauds being closed down, and five weeks in prison when the authorities got upset with being exposed for corruption (read that story here).

Correspondent At Large is exactly what the name promises: reporting by a traveling journalist, a roving reporter, on themes and issues that he finds of interest. Some articles are behind a paywall; you'll need a Blendle account to read them. Blendle is quickly becoming the standard for micro-payments for news articles, a beta version is already running in the US, so you might want to get on the bandwagon (we have no relationship with Blendle other than that we use their platform).

For more about Okke Ornstein, you can visit his personal website. Have something to share? Use the contact page!